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Welcome to Utility!

Utility offers Portland an alternative way to shop for personal and home care products that’s better for the environment and human health. 

We achieve this by:

  • Selling product from bulk instead of individual plastic bottles.

  • Encouraging and promoting the reuse of containers.

  • Carrying products that contain only natural ingredients and safe for humans/animals/earth.

  • Sourcing from local producers as much as possible. 

  • Not shipping orders to reduce packaging, carbon from plane emissions and to support buying local. 

Tenets of Zero Waste: 

Utility subscribes to the growing grassroots “zero waste” movement, which promotes   

  • Minimizing waste

  • Reducing consumption

  • Reuse, repair, and care

We follow these principles in our business practices and product sourcing by choosing to work with businesses who comply with our minimal packaging requests and let us reuse product containers. 

Our goods are made to last, unlike the many disposable products on the market today, that are designed to fall apart quickly. Our natural fiber brushes should last years. Our stainless steel safety razor should be the last razor you ever purchase. Our bulk products are made without synthetic fillers. Just simple, effective ingredients, so only small amounts are needed, making them last longer. 

We encourage care and repair of belongings over re-purchasing, by providing care instructions for our goods and info for local repair fairs and businesses. See our Resource page.

How we are different. 

Our products are sold via pop up events and online; we do not have a brick and mortar shop. As more people shop with us, we hope this will change. Hint hint. 

Because we are committed to eliminating waste, unnecessary packaging and supporting a local economy, we do not offer shipping at this time.