Living with Less

Most of us own a lot of unnecessary stuff and as a consequence our homes are disorganized and cluttered.

Dealing with overflowing closets, looking at cluttered surfaces, and always digging to find things can lead to anxiety, depression, and an overall feeling of discontent.

At Utility, we think your home should make you feel relaxed and calm, not anxious and scattered.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in a house with too much stuff, our consultants can help.

With their guidance and expertise you will:

  • Identify and work through the barriers keeping you from letting go of unnecessary items

  • Pare down your belongings to a manageable amount

  • Donate your items to people in need

  • Create systems for organization and simplicity

  • Provide you guidance on how to shop intentionally to avoid repeat clutter/unnecessary consumption.

To get started, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. We’ll talk about your needs, what you would like to achieve and walk you through our process.

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