What Is Utility?

Utility is a pop-up shop that sells personal and home care products in bulk, as well as plastic free versions of commonly used utensils and tools.

We want to make buying safe and clean products in plastic free reusable containers as convenient as possible for you.


Why Zero Waste?

We want to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals, single-use disposable plastics, and unnecessary waste that end up in our bodies, landfills and natural habitats.

As consumers, we can improve the health of our environment by changing how and what we buy. Even small changes help, especially if we all make them.


What We Sell

Home and body care products made by socially and ecologically conscious local businesses.

We have researched and trialed each product to ensure they are safe and effective, to the best of our knowledge.

See our product list.


 How It Works

Come to a pop up, bring your reusable containers and fill them with product. We will subtract the container weight when you check out.

We encourage you to bring your own containers, but we also sell glass jars and aluminum bottles you can purchase and reuse.

Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!